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Welcome To Our Website

~ a message from our President ~

The Michael Murphey Western Institute continued with our mission of education, preservation & perpetuation of the arts, culture, history and legacy of the American West throughout 2023.   MWI sponsored or co-sponsored numerous Murphey concerts, public appearances, and media interviews.  All or a portion of each event was devoted to fulfilling MWI's mission.  Many of Murph's songs are about the history or lore of the American West.  Current topics are also covered, such as preserving the grasslands thorough holistic grazing practices, celebrating our cultural diversity, and promoting opportunities for urban families to learn about rural America .  We fans appreciate learning about the stories, legends, or issues that inspire the lyrics of both old and contemporary songs and poems.  Attendees often stop by after the shows to ask questions or relate personal stories or memories of their own triggered by a particular song or poem.  These visits validate and continue to inspire the institute's mission. 

Over the past few years our most consistent form of fund raising are the signed "Wildfire" guitars.  Michael writes the lyrics to Wildfire around the outside edge of black acoustic guitar and signs it (will also customize regularly).  The guitar is a wonderful keepsake and valuable for any Michael Martin Murphey fan or music historian.  The song, "Wildfire", was written over 50 years ago and continues to be the most impactful song of Michael's legendary career.   

MWI Guitar - RanchWinner_edited.jpg

Murphey Western Institute and Weatherford College have opened the Murphey Western Institute Library on their campus.  We're currently in conversation to further the relationship between this institute and the college.  The institute is exploring options of a permanent facility on the campus that would both carry out the mission of MWI and also work with the college and the students in their course studies that would relate the the history of the west.  In 2024 we will be creating a plan to fulfill the mission of having a facility for the history as well as a place for artists to go and work on their craft.  Your donations will help us reach these goals.  


We are endeavoring to raise funds as we continue our quest for an artists' retreat center and research library for our ever expanding book collection.   Michael Murphey Western Institute greatly appreciates everyone's support in these endeavors. 

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